Ed Sheeran Look-Alike Kitten Saved in the Rain in Los Angeles

Badger, AKA Ed Sheeran, arrived at the Happy Kitty Rescue at 3-4 weeks old. He was the “cutest little fluff ball” that rescuer founder/fosterer Grace had ever seen, and that’s saying something! She’s seen some legendary cuteness fostering cats and kittens.

As you can see below, Badger really does look like a feline version of Ed Sheeran, the red-haired English singer-songwriter! Below, the kitten looks like he’s about to sing a sad song about being unable to stop the rain. (But don’t worry, he soon perked up).

A family found a scruffy Badger near their home after a hard rain. He and his two siblings were abandoned by their mother, water-logged, muddy, and covered in fleas. Fortunately, a family took in Badger’s two siblings, but he was bound for a shelter.

Then, a kind couple took in Badger and posted about him on Facebook. That’s when he won the cat lottery, and Grace spotted him. The couple drove an hour in the rain to deliver the kitten to her door. Soon after arriving, the kitten’s spirits were much higher.

There, he would have all he needed, plus a fellow rescue and foster uncle named Joey. After a quarantine period, Badger met Joey for the first time, and it was immediate cuteness overload. Joey fell head over heels for Badger, but not before his usual hilarious antics. (see video below).

As we’ve shared previously, formerly feral Joey tends to have an amewsing reaction when he meets new foster kittens. At first, he reverts to his feisty standoffish behavior, like a dad who says, “I don’t want a cat,” but soon ends up wrapped around their wittle paw.