Pup Comes Home With Baby Cow, Begs Mom To Let Them Both Inside

Dogs are loyal, precious creatures whom we adore! They are also friendly, ready to take on new pals to add to their pack. We often see videos and hear stories of dogs adopting other species. This story is one such case that is too adorable to miss!

A Lab was so excited to introduce his new bovine bestie to his mom that he invited her along to say hello at the front door. The baby cow was hesitantly standing behind the pooch when the pair gave their greeting.

But as soon as she heard the woman’s voice, the calf inched closer. It was apparent that both animals wanted to come inside. But Mom wasn’t having it! In the video, you can hear her saying, “No no, Nooo noooo, we don’t have guests.

We’re not doing this today!” While the playdate was rejected, the friendly Lab still wags his tail. He’s quite proud of himself for making friends regardless of the species. Watch the pair pay Mom a visit in the video below and get ready for oodles of cuteness!

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