Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness | Best Moments of Spring !video

You can always tell what kind of person someone is by the way they treat animals. Today we’ll show you the most incredible compilation of animals that asked people for help & kindness and dramatically changed their fates. And then it’s up to you to decide if you still believe in humanity!

The koala bear in burning forest is one of THE most emotional moments on youtube. Not just for hearing his cries, but seeing how that woman literally stormed into a burning forest risking her own life, took off her cloths and tried to save it.

Don’t you just wish we lived in a world full of people like this, no warmongering politicians, no greed, no jealousy just decent human beings who enjoy life and enjoy helping others…..good luck to every last one of you…..cheers .

These clips were nicely presented, allowing us to see the animals communicate and make it all the way to safety. It’s so gratifying to see them have their thirst quenched!

I love how the guy who found the fallen camel gave it a “Honestly, how did you even end up in this situation??” hand gesture before they all helped it haha! It was very “FFS Derrick! This is the second time this week!” vibes haha! Funny how attached people get to animals. We treat them just like people sometimes.

All of these rescuers are heroes in my book. From the smallest to the largest animals where rescued by amazing people. All of you deserve the very best wishes. Thank you for being there for these animals. 🥰

The man saving the dog from the alligator is one I saw before. The dog belonged to him, and when he was walking the dog the dog went to get a drink and the Alligator snatched him. He jumped into the water and saved his dog. He had multiple bite wounds on his hands. It was lucky the gator wasn’t big.

I’ve done a lot of rescues in my day but one of my all time favorites was when I was riding in a car with someone and we passed a couple of groundhogs in the opposite side of the road. One was on it’s back and the other was atop him. I told the driver to spin around and go right back because the next car would have killed both of them. I stood in the road blocking any traffic and the one who was on top the other had ran away into the woods. I found a tree branch and started to roll the bottom groundhog off the road. Apparently he had been hit by a car but just stunned. He came to as I was trying to move him to the side and made his way into the woods. His friend or possibly his mate was trying to help him but needed a little assistance which I was happy to give. Whether he knew it or not, the one trying to help the other put himself in danger of being killed. I can only speculate whether it was a frantic effort on his part to save his friend risking his life in the process or maybe if his mate was going to die, he did not want to go on without him.