7-foot “Bigfoot” Caught in Colorado Mountains by Camera of a Couple

He was popping a sa-squat-ch.

A couple on a romantic break in Colorado claims to have captured the mythological creature Bigfoot on camera, wandering on the side of a mountain before sitting down to rest — all in broad daylight.

Professed eyewitnesses Shannon and Stetson Parker — enjoying a trip for their tenth wedding anniversary — claim to have observed the legendary lummox while enjoying a sightseeing tour on the narrow gauge rail line between Durango and Silverton, in the Centennial State’s far southwest.

It seems Sasquatch is big on fitness. Credit: Shannon Parker/Facebook
“We were looking for elk in the mountains and my husband sees something moving and then can’t really explain it. So he’s like ‘Bigfoot!’” Shannon, a 44-year-old contractor from Cheyenne, Wyo. told The Post.

“It was at least six, seven feet or taller. It matched the sage in the mountains so much that he’s like camouflaged when crouching down…if you asked before our trip we would have said maybe [Bigfoot] could be real, but now we’re convinced.”

Shannon, who shared video of the odd one-to-two minute sighting in a Facebook post, also said that the train’s conductor told the couple of a similar, previous non-human sighting.

“He said that he went out snowshoeing in those mountains before and had seen footprints that were larger and of much bigger stride than snowshoes would have been,” Parker said.

“He has seen unexplainable things as well.”

Some took the couple’s Bigfoot claims in stride.

One commented “I believe” on Shannon’s post, with another saying “love it!” Though, not everyone is as convinced that Chewbacca’s doppelgänger exists.

“And what were y’all drinking?” another commented.

Parker said some were skeptical that it could have been someone, for example a hunter, in natural camouflage, or a prank pulled by locals for the benefit of unsuspecting tourists.

“It didn’t look like a hunter because a hunter would have had a weapon like a bow since its bow season,” she added. “It didn’t seem to be carrying anything.”

It’s been a busy year for the hirsute heffalump — over the summer, an alleged Bigfoot sighting was supposedly caught on camera in the woods of Mississippi.

Americans have been reporting sightings of the big galoot, with many reports coming from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, since the 1800s.

So-called Bigfoot sighting in Colorado, October 2023
A description provided by Washington’s National Guard is consistent with the Parkers’ account.

“Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot have described everything from a large, upright ape to an actual hairy human, sometimes standing over eight feet tall and described as powerfully built.

The debate and research continue,” the armed forces branch wrote in a post about the legend.

The University of Arizona adds that the folklore may come from an extinct giant ape, called Gigantopithecus, that existed in tandem with early humans.

It would also be irresponsible to rule out the possibility that the sighting was actually the musician Saxsquatch, known for playing smooth jazz in a Bigfoot getup.

Silverton Bigfoot Captured on Video