A dog with a history of a.b.u.s.e was afraid of humans until a woman came along and showed her love

Miley is Wonder Woman in a dog’s body.

Such a beautiful girl…! Thank you for rescuing and saving this beautiful baby and for getting her the help and care that she needed.

All they want is someone to love them not a.bu.se them so glad a kind lady is looking after him.

Miley, a dog who was born and grown up in a [dog-fi.ghting] ring close to Austin, Texas was [fo.rced] to be a [b.ait] dog. Her neck was strongly [wra.pped by ba.r.bed] wire and her mouth was [cont.inually ta.ped clo.sed] while she [su.ffe.red the en.dless str.ikes].

In 2017, she [w.as du.mped] on the road with [ser.ious] in.ju.ries on her back leg. Although she was just one year old, she had expe.rienced unim.aginable a.bu.se.

Miley was found by an animal control officer, who later shared a picture of her on the web asking for help, given that the local shelter couldn’t manage to p.a.y for her back leg am.put.ation. That’s when Amanda Holley saw the picture on fb, and immediately picked up Miley that day…

With the help of kind donations from the community, the [fu.nds] for Miley’s operation were brought together within a couple of days.

With her fresh start in life, Miley is passionate about all things. Even though she’s still learning how to use toys, she enjoys being around other pets and humans. Miley’s favorite thing to do is meet people and that she has already made a lot of friends, both dogs and people. She won’t go many steps on our walks without saying hello to someone.

Although she was raised in an environment in which people and other dogs just hurt her, it’s obvious that Miley only wanted to find somebody who loved her.

She is living proof of the principle that only love can save the world.

Thank you to all the people that showed this dog love. So happy that she now has the life she deserves po.or fur baby.

There is too much a.bu.se in our world today aga.inst animals and people. It’s so s.a.d…

Started off a very sad story but ended very beautifully. Thankfully this pup has found a safe and loving home…!

So glad she’s now got a lovely owner and a wonderful life.

God bless her.

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2. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD)

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Licking around the urinary area (often because of pain)

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