A heartbroken cat spends a year living on her deceased owner’s grave, demonstrating her unwavering love and loyalty.

A year has passed since this cat’s owner passed away, but the cat hasn’t been away from the blue headstone of the old lady’s since then.

Passer – Keli Keningau Prayitno, 32, from Central Java, Indonesia, was the first to hear the mourning kittie’s cries and to try to help the cat by adopting her. But that didn’t work. It returned to the same spot – nuzzling the small blue headstone.

Animal experts say that although cats can seem cool and aloof, grieving after an owner’s death is real. Felines can become anxious, lose interest in the outer world, and become unlike themselves.

“She sleeps there and meows, ” Keli told The Mirror. “It’s very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners.”

Pictures have emerged of a grieving cat who misses her late owner so much she has spent a year living at her grave

Someone tried to adopt the kittie, but she ran away to be next to the grave. “I thought she was homeless and tried to help but every time she would keep returning to the same place.”

Keli said he had followed the cat and found out the ex-owner had been an old lady named Kundari who had recently died.

The pet walks to her former home every day where she is fed by the old lady’s children – then returns to the grave.

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