A short-legged dog melts hearts as it patiently waits for free fried chicken from a stall

This lovable golden retriever really knows how to get fried funk for free and his trick has won not only the cube proprietor but thousands of hearts on the internet!

In several ridiculous prints of the smart canine, the doggy can be seen sitting in front of a fried funk cube as he gapes at the pile of lately- cooked fried funk.

“ I saw the canine sitting in front of a fried funk cube with his eyes fixed on the fried funk. He indeed refused to leave and continued to sit in front of the cube like a seal! ” the caption says.

“ Can you accelerate up with my order, please? I’ve been staying for a while. ”

still, the canine might have been staying for too long for his turn that he latterly pouts and shows a sullen expression when his fried funk noway arrives.

still, some druggies reflected that it isn’t good for tykes to eat slithery food like fried funk and to sit in similar posture as it’ll hurt their chine.

nonetheless, this lovable and smart canine surely deserves a round of applause for his determination to get some fried funk for free!