Abandoned dog ran over and cried when she recognized her neighbor

Lunya was abandoned and spent several days wandering the streets; the grind of life on the streets had greatly worn her down.

Then, when her neighbor noticed her, she called us and requested assistance.

The coming months will be spent taking care of her and earning her trust.

Those efforts were not in waste because Lunya greeted a pleasant new life with us with an open heart.

Nowadays humans don’t have humanity….😞 People like you deserves award…. I’m very young and I don’t earn money…. When I’ll grow I promise I’ll also help many poor animals…. They deserve lots of love not hate….❤️

Thank you to the rescuer, and to the previous neighbor of the abandoned, ill dog who called the rescuer. The transformation of the dog after medical care, food, shelter and love, was astonishing. Your compassion for abandoned, suffering dogs makes the world a better place.