“Adolescent From East Province Saved From Diamondback Bite Thanks To Brave Canine.”

In the East Province of the country, where the dry and arid climate made life harsh for both humans and animals, a young adolescent boy named Farouk lived with his family in a small village. Despite the challenges, Farouk loved the vast wilderness that surrounded him, and he spent most of his free time exploring the rocky terrains and deep canyons.

One afternoon, while Farouk was wandering around the outskirts of the village, he stumbled upon a shiny object that caught his eye. Without hesitation, he reached down to pick it up, only to realize that it was a Diamondback snake, one of the deadliest venomous snakes in the region. Before he could react, the snake bit him on the hand, and Farouk screamed in pain.

The venom quickly spread through his body, causing his hand to swell up, and he felt a burning sensation all over. He knew that he needed medical attention, but the nearest clinic was miles away, and he was too weak to walk that far. As he lay on the ground, struggling to breathe, he heard a faint barking sound in the distance.

A few moments later, a large canine appeared out of nowhere, barking furiously at the snake that was still hovering nearby. The dog, who belonged to one of the neighboring families, sensed that something was wrong and rushed to Farouk’s side. With its powerful jaws, the dog bit the snake, killing it instantly.