Adorable Homeless Puppy is Ecstatic to be Found and Needs Belly Rubs

Running is the BEST! Let me tell you, there is nothing better than stepping onto the ground, feeling the warm sun and cool breeze, and just being able to go. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a bird flying close to the ground, or a horse that no one can catch up with.

But sometimes… I would like a nice place to sleep. A warm bed, a nice bowl of kibble, and water that I don’t have to share with that weird raccoon who’s always cleaning every bit of food he has. I’m the only dog out here, and I only see other dogs for a few minutes while others pass by with their humans. They always seem so happy to be with them, and I want something like that!

So meeting this jogger today was an awesome surprise!

I just can’t take it! This guy is too cool! I really hope I can keep him – er, I mean, he keeps me. It’s been so long since I’ve had a real playmate! Oh, I gotta teach him all the good games. Catch, frisbee, fetch the stick…

And he gives the best belly rubs, too! He has to be my new roomie, no doubt about it.

Oh boy, oh boy! I bet this guy has all the good snacks. Those bacon snacks I’ve heard so much about, dry kibble, wet kibble. Maybe those minty chew sticks…

Whoa there, sir! Don’t go just yet! Do you have somewhere to be? Let me go with you!

Well, it turns out the jogger man did decide that he was going to take me home. Hurray! He’s already talking about taking me to the vet for my shots (grrrr), but I can live with that! A small price to pay for a cozy life. As fun as it was having as much room as I wanted to run and play, it was getting pretty lonely out there.

Oh! But I’ll have to come by every so often to say hi to the raccoon! Maybe we can come visit every so often and bring him some snacks? Now he’ll have the water hole all to himself to clean his food! I’m sure he’ll be happy about that.