Adorable Twin baby Elephants fascinate the people with their cute gestures(video )

Hello elephant lovers! Today elephant zone is back with latest updates on twin baby elephants first born in an elephant orphanage home. Watch the complete video to enjoy funny and cute gestures of the mischievous babies.

They are in Elephant orphanage home, Pinwale, Sri Lanka.This elephant orphanage home was established by department of wildlife conservation Sri Lanka in 1975 for feeding and providing care and sanctuary to orphaned baby elephants that were found in the wild. In its long history this orphanage home sheltered numerous injured elephants and abandoned calves who were unable to survive in the wild.

When it was diagnosed that this elephant mother had conceived with two babies, she was given special attention and care by the team of veterinarians including the staff in the animal section. She was provided with supplements and extra foods. As a result she gave birth to healthy calves. Twin elephant birth in orphanage home is very rare worldwide, although several cases reported in national parks and natural forests.

Both of these baby elephants are males and are blessed with good health. Now they are 4 months old. Look how cute and adorable they are. They are loved by everybody in the orphanage home. The officials are highly dedicated to look after the orphaned elephants.

The two brothers are at a mock fight. Let’s see who will win. 3.06 -3.15 min

On average, calves drink about 10 liters a day. Calves begin to experiment with their developing trunks between four and six months of age by picking grasses and leaves to supplement their diet. Weaning from milk gradually follows this process. Calves are not completely weaned until they are over two years of age and may weigh between 850-900 kg

Unlike other animals, elephants usually only have one baby at a time. However, there are cases where elephants can have twins, but this only

happens in one per cent of elephant births. This is only slightly smaller compared to humans, where 1.6 per cent of births are twins.

This elephant orphanage home differ from other elephant orphanage centers, since they’ve given high attention to elephant’s welfare. The elephant mother does not show any objections towards the staff even though they cuddle the babies so closely, unlike the other elephant mothers who become violent when the strangers try to be closer to the newly born calves. The two babies are very familiar with the staff as if they’ve instinctively recognized their love and affection.Their cute gestures fascinated the visitors to the orphanage home.

They love to play with and tease their care taker. How nice it is to see the friendship between elephants and human. The care takers look after them with immense love and care. The cute calves too love them in turn. They love to play around with their human friend.

When the babies are grown up and reached to an age that they can manage their lives by their own they’ll released to the wild. Until that they are having a great time at the orphanage home. It is nice to see the bond between the tender calves and the care taker. This show that human and elephants can coexist if the majestic elephants are given their rights and freedom