After somebody Shared a Photo of a homeIess Dog SIeeping with a Stuffed AnimaI, the Image went ViraI!

A lot of people saying they would do something if it was them and not the photographer…!

That’s wonderful to hear! The local rescue is chock-full of such animals, and so are the streets where you live. Feel free to rescue one!
But please don’t bother with the thoughts and prayers routine…

hope with all my heart this baby gets the life he’d been deserving, filled with love and happiness.

Are those ticks on his upper thighs? Even the ears?
A moving image of a stray dog clutching to a br.ok.en teddy bear captured the nation’s attention, but it also divided animal lovers about the creature’s fate.
The a.ban.doned teddy bear was used as a pillow for the stray dog while he dozed off on the sidewalk.

The photographer, Yvette Holzbach share: Here is a stray dog finding comfort in a br.ok.en-down, [a.ban.doned] toy.

People were deeply moved by this [ter.rib.le] sight and curious to know what had happened to the dog, which caused the picture to go viral.

Yvette spends her time rescuing [a.ban.doned] puppies in one of Houston, Texas’s [wo.rst] neighborhoods while working for a group called Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward.
She and her colleagues patrol the area, photograph [a.ban.doned] dogs to help owners be found, get them spayed or neutered, receive any necessary medical attention, and most importantly, find some of the dogs foster or permanent homes.

The overwhelming number of stray dogs on the streets is too much for Yvette and her coworkers to handle.
She share: Please don’t condemn us; it is the hardest thing in the world for us to leave pets like him [be.hind]. We are a small group of volunteers doing the best we can with the resources we have.

People like Yvette are what the world needs. Please spread the word to show your support for the crucial work she does to help our defenseless creatures.

Thank you, Yvette and all your friends who work to help the street dogs!!! Your ❤ is strong and you also help the animals the best way you can.

Kept the dog until found a excellent owner who loved this dog. Could not leave him to fend for himself. Hope this precious angel found a forever home! 🏠