All Of A Sudden, The Rumpled Coverlet Stretched And Revealed Its Eyes: Harvey Is An Extremely Gentle Canine.

All of a sudden, the rumpled coverlet stretched and revealed its eyes: Harvey is an extremely gentle canine. Harvey had been sleeping soundly on his cozy bed for hours, but as soon as he heard a faint knock at the front door, he woke up and perked his ears. Harvey knew that his owner, Emily, was out running errands, so he knew that the visitor must be someone else.

Harvey got up from his bed and trotted towards the door. As he approached the door, he could hear the muffled sounds of a man’s voice. Harvey knew that Emily wouldn’t let anyone into the house without first checking who it was, so he didn’t bark. Instead, he waited patiently by the door, wagging his tail.

The man outside the door knocked again, and Harvey could tell that he was getting impatient. Harvey knew that he needed to do something to let the man know that he was there, but he also knew that he couldn’t just bark at him. So, Harvey stretched his front legs out as far as they could go and pressed his paws against the door. The man outside the door stopped knocking and looked down at the gap between the door and the floor.

All of a sudden, Harvey stuck his nose through the gap and gave the man a big, friendly lick on the hand. The man smiled and reached down to pet Harvey’s head. Harvey wagged his tail and leaned into the man’s hand. The man could feel how soft and gentle Harvey’s fur was, and he knew that he had found a friend.

Emily returned home a few minutes later and was surprised to find a stranger standing in her doorway. But when she saw Harvey sitting next to the man, wagging his tail, she knew that he was harmless. The man explained that he was a delivery driver and that he had a package for Emily. Emily thanked him and signed for the package.

As the man turned to leave, Harvey followed him to the door and watched as he walked down the path. Harvey knew that he had made a new friend, and he was glad that he had been able to help Emily out. From that day on, Harvey became known as the gentle canine who always greeted visitors with a friendly lick and a wag of his tail.