American soldiers Refused To Leave Stray Mama Dog And Her Puppies Behind

They couldn’t ignore the scene of a mother dog holding her new born puppy in her mouth.

In 2013, a gaggle of yank soldiers in Afghanistan banding together leading by Sgt. Edwin Caba, to assist a stray family of dogs, after a homeless dog wandered into their camp.

Caba directly created a bond with the dog, who was named Sheba, who then became a mascot and friend to the soldiers. The dog waited nightly for the soldiers’ safe return.

The soldiers also took care of Sheba, who became ill after parturition. They gave her and her pups almost all their food and rations to stay the strong.

So, when it had been the time for soldiers to travel back to home, they decided to bring the dogs home, as they knew that if they were left to defend themselves, they’d likely die . Thankfully, the dogs and their Mama, Harris, Breezy, Buckeye, Jack, Sarah, Rocky, Cadence and Sheba, were all moved to some with the soldiers! What a cheerful ending!