Beagle rescued from breeding facility gets first ever toy and refuses to let go

Our pets are accustomed to having toys. In fact, you almost certainly have a whole basket full of toys for them. Every time you visit the store, you consider purchasing a new toy for your pet.

It’s almost too much to handle how many toys they have. There are so many toys that it’s difficult to picture a pet without them. But regrettably, for certain animals, that IS the case.
Some animals are deprived of this joy.

This is what happened to Froggy, a cute Beagle that was rescued and taken to a shelter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The shelter, whose TikTok handle is @humanebroward, saved 60 of the 4,000 Beagles from the Virginia facility that made headlines in July 2022. None of those canines ever had a toy to play with, much like Froggy.

But that’s no longer the case! With their own toys, the shelter surprised the dogs. And the way Froggy responds to his very own plush animal is priceless. He was overwhelmed with happiness.

Rescuers gave Froggy a bed and a plush frog toy for comfort and pleasure when he got to the Humane Society of Broward County.

It was the first time Froggy had ever received his own toy, so he was in awe. He enthusiastically seized his new pal and would not let go — AT ALL!

“[He] carried his stuffed frog in his mouth for hours while whimpering with joy,” the digital marketing specialist of the shelter, Susan Leonti, fondly shared.

He had the best time with his new toy.
Along with 120 other shelters and rescues, the Humane Society of Broward County volunteered its assistance in finding new homes for the animals.

“When the beagles arrived at our shelter, they did not have names, only numbers that were tattooed in their ears,” Leonti remarked. “When we arrived at Froggy’s kennel, he had a plush toy frog in his mouth that he refused to put down. We were so struck by his reaction that we decided to name him after his beloved toy.”

They were inseparable.
Froggy used his stuffed animal as a pacifier. Rescuers would frequently discover him in his kennel holding it between his teeth.

Froggy was glad to switch out the plush toy for a different one on days when the toy was being washed, but as soon as it was finished being cleaned, he swiftly went back to his preferred frog stuffed toy.

He treasured it the most.
Eventually, Froggy headed for his forever family and departed the humane organization. The timid puppy gained self-assurance and developed into an enthusiastic, athletic firecracker.

Froggy has subsequently come to the realization that there is so much in the world for him to enjoy and is no longer concerned about it being taken away, despite the fact that he was initially sent home with his toy for solace.

We are grateful for people who spend time and massive effort to create better lives for dogs like Froggy. We are all forever indebted!

Check out the video below to see Froggy’s joy with his new toy.
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