Blind Puppy Melts Hearts Of 8 Millions When Meeting Baby Sister For The First Time

When dogs first meet newborn newborns, it makes for one of the cutest films. These films do, in fact, melt people’s hearts, and this tale includes one of them. Rocky Kanaka, Kelly Kanaka, and their three adorable canines raised Capri Kanaka and their other four siblings.

It was time for Capri to meet her furry siblings when she was first brought home. To contain the puppies’ excitement before introducing them to the infant, the parents of the child separated them. They were even allowed to smell her bedspread.

Dogs came alone to meet Capri. Flip, a boxer, had the first turn, followed by Zoey and Kobe, a blind boxer who had just undergone heart surgery, respectively.

Every introduction was captured on camera, and they were all unique. However, the introductions had one thing in common—they were all charming! See the video down below.