Cat With A Perfectly Formed Heart On The Back Looking For A Family To Love

Rutile is a two-year-old red-haired white cat who was given to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport, New York-based animal protection group. The lovely kitten, along with more than 90 other cats, had been saved from a home fire in the town of Perinton.

Rutile arrived at the shelter with various injuries, but the volunteers on site were eager to help him with everything.

According to Lollypop Farm:

“Rutile had multiple fire-related injuries; he was coated in soot, his mustaches and hair were burnt, he had an upper respiratory infection, and he had horrific burns on all four legs.”

Despite his severe medical condition, the adorable kitten was extremely thankful and thrilled to be cared for with so much love and commitment. Since his arrival, he has been desperate to be loved, and whenever a member of the shelter approached him, he would want caresses and strokes on his head.

Rutile had a very soft personality, and even if he had all the conveniences, all he needed was someone to look after him forever. The most intriguing aspect of the friendly feline is that it has a heart-shaped mark on its back that represents love and reflects its personality.

According to the rescue center:

“Rutile is always on the lookout for love, and he has the heart to back it up!”

Every day, the adorable kitty goes around with his heart on his back, as if he is too proud to have it. Furthermore, he lives true to his charming brand and isn’t afraid to lavish attention on those around him.

Rutile adores every time he spends with his carers, but his favorite is when they begin massaging and embracing him. While Rutile’s injuries were being treated, vets noticed that he had a cleft palate.

Staff at the shelter stated:

“He had surgery to correct that issue and is continuing receiving veterinary treatment at Lollypop Farm.” The kitten has come a long way since he was rescued, but every day he grows more energetic and lively, and his inner cat is blossoming.

It has transformed into a healthy and happy cat, and when it comes to being pampered or adored, you don’t want to lose out on any opportunities. The cute kitty always falls in love with everyone he meets and fills their hearts with a lot of affection and numerous caresses.

The shelter also stated:

“He’s a nice, friendly cat who enjoys having his head scratched. Rutile enjoys chasing toys with magic wands and headbutting them.” The cat has been through a lot, but it is still extremely affectionate, and the one thing that is certain is that it will make a lovely pet when it finds a home.

Rutile will soon be able to begin his new chapter in life and search for a family that will adore him forever