Cat Works At A Car Shop And Greets The Customers

It’s a well-known fact that cats are hilarious, and sometimes we can’t imagine our life without them. At least, I know I can’t. Well, another person who can’t imagine his life without his beloved cat, is Ray.

Ray owns a car shop and one of his “employees” is his cat, Buster. Buster was a stray cat until he showed up out of nowhere at a junkyard. Ray said:

Sweet little Buster probably felt like this is the place where he truly belongs, so he had another idea; he brought his brothers and sisters there too.

Ray knew he couldn’t bring home so many cats, so he decided to keep Buster there to be their office cat, and looks like that was the best decision ever!

He’s always on time, he always wants to know what’s going on, and he’s the employee of the month every month.

The best thing of all is that he greets every customer that comes to the car shop. Buster simply likes being the center of attention. Just look at how

If you have ever had a cat, then you already know that they always do something they shouldn’t. Buster adores sitting on customer’s cars, or even worse, hiding and sleeping inside them too.

Still, I think he keeps doing that because every time he does, Ray looks for him and comes to pick him up.

Considering how smart, sneaky, and lovely he is, Ray says:

Further on, Ray admits how he started getting more attached to Buster and how he always wanted to be with him. So, he came up with an idea to bring him home every weekend.

At home, Buster is pretty much the same cat, just even more hilarious. He’s playful, energetic, and funny. He loves to run around the yard or even climb on the trees, and play with other cats. He’s basically living the best life.

After the weekend, he and Ray go back to the junkyard, and that makes Ray sad sometimes. He says:

After watching this video, I could really tell that Buster likes to be the only one in charge in the car shop. The best thing is that the strong bond between Buster and Ray is so obvious.