Chimps Threw the Raccoon into the Air when It tried to Sneak into the Chimp Enclosure

You need to know that the raccoon is just fine. That’s important to know because when you see the most famous raccoon encounter with chimps ever that happened at the St. Louis, Missouri zoo, you’ll wonder.

According to the video description, this quaint wildlife moment of nature being nature happened on a chilly afternoon on October 13, 2012. Visitors noticed that a raccoon had managed to find his way into the chimpanzee enclosure at the St. Louis Zoo and…well, the raccoon had a moment he would never forget.

At around the 30 second mark, the chimps turn the raccoon into a helicopter and I’m not exaggerating.

Since it debuted on YouTube nearly 11 years ago, this video has been viewed over 11 MILLION TIMES.

Over the past decade, a multitude of memorable comments have been shared by those that watched this St. Louis Zoo chimp vs raccoon moment. Here are some highlights:

Supermarine Spitfire – “Nature is beautiful! Humans should learn from nature.” Nature:

IanPeon – “People seeing a raccoon at a zoo: “Poor thing, let it go.”
People seeing a raccoon in their back yard: “Somebody kill that stinkin’ little trash pirate!”

Soleh Muhammad – Raccoon : “I wish I can be a helicopter”
Chimp : “say no more”

BDP473 – “This is what I expect to see when I pay $20 for zoo parking.”

I’ve been able to confirm by those that witnessed this charming wildlife moment that the raccoon did escape the enclosure and was fine.

This remains the most famous chimpanzee encounter with raccoons in history and it happened at the St. Louis Zoo.