Dog Keept Breaking Out Of Shelter And Running To A Nursing Home To Hang Out With Its Residents

The story of Scout is probably the most heartwarming one you’re gonna read today!

Instead of waiting to be adopted into a new home like all shelter dogs, this canine decided to choose one on his own – and he did it with style!

Being a full-time resident of the Antrim County Animal Shelter, in Bellaire, Michigan, turned out to be insufficient for Scout, so he decided to do something about it!

He started sneaking out in the middle of the night only to find his way in a nursing home right across the street.

The most interesting thing was – Scout didn’t do this once or twice. He sneaked into his nursing home several times aftering being returned to the shelter, as if he was desperately trying to say: “This is my home, hoomans. Don’t take me back anymore!”

Even though it was right across the street, making his way into the Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility, in Bellaire, Michigan, was no picnic!

After he somehow scaled multiple fences, Scout needed to cross a highway and then sneak through the automatic doors to get there.

The funny thing was – he would always sneak into the facility in the dead of night, and right after he would pass through the door, he’d pass out on a comfy leather couch in the lobby.

At first, the nursing home staff made sure Scout made his way back to the shelter, but after he continued to repeatedly sneak out and then sneak into their home – they realized that there was something about their facility that made Scout calm and happy!

And, just like that, they decided to make him a permanent resident!

Even though he was initially welcomed to be one of the residents in their nursing home – Scout turned out to be so much more! He practically transformed into the kindest, most intuitive caregiver in the facility, and in no time, everybody fell in love with him!

One of the MBMCF residents says: “If you’re upset about something, or everything’s going wrong, he makes you feel better. Scout’s very happy here.”

The most heartwarming thing of all is that Scout has a special place in his heart for residents with terminal illnesses and dementia. It’s as if he can feel that those people need extra care, so he just goes up to them and comforts them.

“We couldn’t imagine our lives without him! He completes our Meadow Brook family,” the MBMCF team wrote on their official Facebook.

No one exactly knows what makes Scout so caring and why he has such a strong penchant for elderly people. The only thing known about his past is that he had a really bad time living in an abusive household.

But, one thing is for sure – Scout is a caregiver at heart, and he definitely belongs in his new family!