Dog That Spent Her Entire Life Chained Up In Abandoned Farm, Can Finally Be A Puppy

Chaining and imprisoning a dog in the same location for hours, if not days, is one of the cruellest and most neglectful things an owner can do to their companion dog.

The chain frequently causes pain and leaves open wounds on the animal’s neck. When exposed to sunlight, they heat up, exacerbating the dog’s discomfort. Unfortunate!

The pet dog Violet was subjected to a circumstance like this while living with her neglectful owner in Miguel County, New Mexico, USA. An animal rescue team conducting a normal check of a community notorious for its high number of homeless animals found her weak and distraught.

Violet’s white fur was discoloured yellow by the rusty chains that held her neck, a tribute to how long she had been subjected to those conditions.

The pit bull was removed from the premises and transported to the NMDOG shelter, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the rescue and adoption of stray canines. “We discovered that her previous owner had already been arrested and had little or no care for her on the property,” said Angela Stell, the shelter’s founder and director.

Violet received veterinarian attention at the shelter. A doctor found multiple sunburns on her body, particularly around her neck, which had open, worm-eaten lesions and deposited larvae feasting on her flesh.

Both physically and psychologically, his treatment was slow and cautious. “She was very, very scared when we found her and she’s still a little shy,” she added.

“If you lift your hand to do something or move it too quickly, it kind of flinches and crouches, like you’re going to hit it.” I’m not sure what happened to have her act like way. But we are trying to console and love her every day so she can overcome her trauma.”

“She is very kind and is slowly opening up to us,” she said. “She enjoys curling up in her blanket and playing with the teddy bears at the shelter.” “She also likes to go for walks and is learning about the world around her now that she will never be chained again,” the director noted.

Violet’s story, on the other hand, had a joyful conclusion!

The pit bull was finally adopted and found a new foster home a year after being rescued.

“Violet is the only child of a large, loving family,” the NMDOG shelter said on Facebook. Her owners adore her and want her to be happy in her new home […] “. Everything ends well!