Dog Walks 4 miles into Town Everday just to say Hi to Everyone!

He is everyone’s best buddy, not simply the best friend of a man!

The amazing canine Bruno loved his independence and the kind words of the residents of the little town. He had a practice of walking the four miles into town virtually every day for the last 12 years just to greet the citizens and spread cheer.

Calling himself “The Wandering Dog,” Since he was very little, Bruno has been visiting Longville, Minnesota. He was taken from the streets by Larry LaVelle 12 years ago after a passerby thought he was Larry’s dog and wanted to keep him.

However, Bruno was not easily domesticated, and he loved going on adventures. Larry had to get used to receiving calls from people who had found his dog, only to tell them that Bruno was a wanderer.

Unlike most dogs, Bruno had the ability to embark on long journeys all by himself. He had a few favorite spots in town, including the ice-cream shop, city hall, library, and several grocery stores and office blocks where he would often be rewarded with meat scraps.

The locals loved Bruno so much that they named him the town’s dog and even crafted a wooden statue in his honor!

This just serves to highlight how highly valued receiving love and attention is to dogs. No greater buddy could be desired. ❤️❤️❤️

Bruno was a remarkable dog that made a difference in many people’s lives. He will never be forgotten and lost to us. ❤️😀