Dog With Severely Fire Injuries, Could Finally See Again After Removing His Bandages

This story speaks about Buddy, a cute dog who was set on fire and had suffered from severe burns. The poor dog was rushed to Mississippi State University for

hospitalization and her spent there about 7 months, but he then went to a foster home to continue his healing.

For protection most of the time, Buddy now wears an e-collar as his skin grafts on his face are still fragile. There is also a small area between his eyes, an inch wide, requires a bandage for protection as it is being slow in healing.

Buddy has continued to make progress after getting the best care from the veterinarians from the Mississippi State, since his story went viral.

Thankfully, his bandages were finally removed and he now looks much happier. He is now in a foster home and we hope that he will be in a forever home, according to Tunica Humane Society.

Watch the video below.