Elderly, Matted Dog Unrecognizable After Rescue From House Where Owner Died

An elderly dog is unrecognizable after finding a new lease of life after her owner passed away.

Thought to be a poodle and tzu mix, Nova was left in her home alone after her owner died. When Nova was found with matted hair and in need of some serious love and attention, the dog, believed to be about 12 years old, was taken to Old Dog Haven.

A small nonprofit group that uses a large network of foster homes to provide loving and safe spaces for unadoptable senior dogs, the Washington state-based charity currently has over 315 dogs in private, permanent foster homes.

Old Dog Haven call these foster homes a “final refuge,” where families will provide all the required love and veterinary care for the dogs to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Ma Petite Saucisse before and after her makeover that has left her almost unrecognizable.
“She was left in the house when her owner died,” Deeanne Matz, executive director of Old Dog Haven, told Newsweek. “We aren’t sure how long she was there, but she was finally taken to her local shelter, where they shaved the hair around her eyes as she couldn’t see.”

Now lovingly renamed Ma Petite Saucisse—a French term of endearment meaning “my little sausage”—the dog looks unrecognizable with a new shaved coat.

Despite being alone after losing her owner, Ma Petite Saucisse is full of personality.

“She’s happy and friendly and was playful with the female dog we introduced her to,” said Matz.

Overweight at 21 pounds, Ma Petite Saucisse needed a home that could give her the dental work she needed, as well as a diet.

Just days after putting out a call for anyone who had “room and a good groomer,” they were thrilled to share the news that Ma Petite Saucisse had found a forever foster.

She isn’t the first dog to get a makeover after rescue either. In July, a dog so matted it looked “like a wig” got a huge makeover after being rescued in the Missouri Bootheel area.

While another rescue dog found tied to a flag pole starving is now unrecognizable after being adopted.

Old Dog Haven announced on Facebook that Ma Petite Saucisse had found her new home, and shared a picture of the dog’s makeover. In hundreds of comments, people were thrilled by the good news.

“In her permanent foster home with Old Dog Haven, she will get a dental and complete vet checkup and any treatment that is required,” explained Matz. “From what her new foster reports, she is very happy and friendly now. ”

One commenter said: “Yay, such a happy ending for this beautiful girl.”

“Bless her sweet heart,” said another comment. “She is absolutely adorable. So happy she is safe at Old Dog Haven.”

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