Elm Creek Sasquatch South of Texaco Oklahoma & Texas Boarder

Cover photo depiction of creature described
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“7 feet tall 450 pounds,
way bigger than any man I’d ever seen”

Elm Creek Sasquatch
South of Texaco Oklahoma & Texas Boarder
Steve writes RMSO

My name is Steve, I’m 53 years old & I live in Texas. I was an avid outdoorsman, we grew up camping, fishing & hunting (both archery & gun). In the off season I would hit the small lakes camping & fishing as often as possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m more comfortable in the woods than in town, something about the outdoors just seemed to make sense of everything else.

This sighting occurred in Nov. of 2017 somewhere around 10 o’clock in the morning right at the state line between Oklahoma & Texas. South of a small town called Texola Oklahoma.

I am a pumper in the oilfield & my route wells at that time straddled the state line between Oklahoma & Tx. This particular day it was snowing pretty hard here , there was around 3 or 4” on the ground & was really coming down . I really enjoyed cold snowy days like this although we couldn’t do much work in them, it gave you time to ride the back roads along your route looking for deer & any other critters out running around.

Actual photo near sighting location with wild boars
(Possible bigfoot food source)

I was headed to a well out in the middle of nowhere on a horseshoe shaped lease road about 5 mi. south of town. The horseshoe shaped road ran east to west & had 4 of my wells on it. It was about 1.5 miles wide from the north side to the south side with several deep draws in between it , pretty rough rocky country covered in mesquite trees, scenery oak, plum thickets & lots of cactus. I’d been watching a nice whitetail buck out there for the past few yrs & he hung out in a draw right beside my well at the southwest end of the lease road.

I got to the well & checked it out got back in my truck & sat there searching the draw for the buck I’d been watching. After a few minutes of looking with no sign of deer I circled the well & headed back out of the location. I carried a notebook on my dashboard that I wrote down my weekly well readings in.

As I reached for the notebook slowly driving forward I noticed something walking on the ridge ahead of me, it wasn’t completely skylined , it was below the top of the ridge about 30 feet or so moving east along the ridge. At first glance I thought to myself who’d be out here walking on a cold snowy day like this, as I’d never seen anyone out there on the lease other than the occasional ranch hand feeding cattle or a co-worker. There was one way in & one way out on the lease & mine were the only tire tracks on the road driving in. While writing my readings down in the notebook my mind was telling me something was off, that figure walking was way to big to a man & it wasn’t walking like anything I’d ever seen before.

I was around 200 yds away driving slowly towards whatever this was walking along the ridge. As I got closer I started to stop & my brakes made a squeaking sound , it immediately turned & looked my way. It didn’t turn its head, it turned its whole body my direction and squatted down facing me.

A feeling came over me that I’d never felt before, it was something deep inside me like a “kill or be killed” feeling it’s kinda hard to explain. I knew what I was looking at wasn’t a man , the chest of this thing was twice as thick as any man I’d ever seen before. The arms were to long , with the forearms being longer than the bicep portion. It was covered in a khaki colored hair ,kinda like the color of carhart coveralls about 3 or 4” long. I could see through the hair in spots, the skin was ashy grey colored like ashes in a fire pit. The bottom of its hands, feet & parts of its face weren’t hair covered. It looked about 6.5’ or 7’ tall, 450 pounds or so. It wasn’t overly massive but was way bigger than any man I’d ever seen. It didn’t really have a neck , just a slightly pointy head stuck on a very thick heavily muscled body. I couldn’t see or don’t remember all the facial features just dark eyes, slight brow ridge , partly hair covered & that grey colored skin.

It still bothers me to this day just writing this email & thinking about it. That feeling that overcame me I can’t explain , it was like what I was looking at was pure evil & I needed to get away from it. Mr. Kelly I don’t like to say this but if I’d had my rifle I would have put a bullet in it. Every hair on my body was standing up & screaming at me to get away from that thing, whatever it was. I’ve never felt that way before or since. It’s been 5 yrs now & I haven’t been in the woods, I quit everything outdoors that I loved.

I transferred out of that area & work a different route now.

I think of it every day, my heads on a swivel when out working & I carry a large handgun everywhere I go, I do have my ccl.

I lost a lot that day Mr. Kelly & wish it never happened. I have several thousand dollars worth of outdoor/camping gear just sitting around collecting dust, I’m getting better & intend on getting back out this yr but will always carry a gun. There’s more to the story but right now I don’t feel like writing it. It helps talking about it to others but I can do without the ridicule. Feel free to contact me anytime & I’ll finish telling you my story Mr. Kelly. I’m not comfortable with my story getting made public, I’ve talked to my family & a few friends about it & maybe someday I’ll feel different but for now I’d like to remain anonymous and keep my location hidden.

Well I reckon I’ve kept ya long enough & I’ll let ya go. Y’all stay safe out there Mr. Kelly that feeling that overcame me tells me these things aren’t to be messed with. One of y’all’s biggest fans!

RMSO responds
Hi Steve,
Creepy encounter, and that is a normal trait for the creature to crouch down hoping not to be seen when it figures out someone is around.
These creatures are rare and sightings even more rare.
You may go the rest of your life without seeing another one.
Appreciate hearing from you.
If you happen to have any photos of what the area looks like please send me one.

Actual photo near sighting location with wild boars
(Possible bigfoot food source)

Steve Responds
Mr. Shaw, I continued moving towards it & got probably within a 100 yds or so of it. When I stopped my truck again, 3 deer came running up from the bottom of that deep draw & ran right in front of me. I’ll never forget the deer , their eyes were open so wide I could see the whites of them. Their necks were stretched flat out & their tongue’s hanging out like they had been running for a long time. After the deer ran by me I looked back towards the ridge & the creature was walking away from me over the ridge. It covered that distance in 3 steps & disappeared over it.

The way they walk looks really unnatural their knees never lock they are always bent. It stayed leaning forward to as it walked to like it was using it feet to pull it ahead instead of how we kinda pole vault when we walk. What also struck me as odd was While looking at whatever it was , it would stop moving until I looked away then it’d start moving again. Like at that distance it could see my eyes & tell when I was looking at it.

As I mentioned earlier the distance between the horseshoe road was around 1.5 miles across some deep rocky mesquite covered draws. I took off out of there around the road driving pretty dang fast & when I reached the other side the deer once again crossed in front of me still running for all they were worth. Everyone says they never travel alone, looking back I believe the it had been running them deer towards the head of that draw where there was a pinch point that bottlenecked by a large cedar tree. The cedar tree would make a perfect blind to ambush something as it came by. What’s chilling is I stopped right beside that cedar tree before heading down the draw to my well to scan for deer Never really paying attention to that tree right beside my truck, if something was hidden there in it I would of never seen it.