Every day, stray dog acts as a crossing guard and protects young students crossing the street

A stray dog named Kupata works hard in Batumi, Georgia.

Despite being a self-appointed position, it is nonetheless significant.

He assists all of the nearby schoolchildren in crossing the street because he is a school crossing guard.

Kupata has a real soft spot for kids. He wants to make sure they arrive at school safely because of this.

When Kupata was a puppy, he unexpectedly showed up in the city.

Despite being a stray, the community always fed and cared for Kupata.

He made his home in the stairwell of a few nearby apartments. He simply began jumping out of cars one day to stop them so that kids could cross the street.

Kupata will begin barking angrily at the approaching vehicles. He returns and crosses the street with the kids after they have stopped.

Since he used to play with the kids at the park next to his house, Kupata began to feel protective of them.

Kupata dedicates her life to keeping kids safe in the park.

As a result, he frequently barks at intoxicated people who are hanging out there.

“Nona, a woman who feeds him, along with a young girl and Beka, who also takes care of him, are his three closest friends. Having grown up around children, Kupata enjoys playing with them. He frequently engages in playtime with children in the park next to his home, according to the person in charge of Kupata’s Instagram, who spoke to Bored Panda.

or consuming sausage. He adores sausage! He was so much so that he was given the name sausage.

Kupata intends it to mean that.

Kupata often naps in between keeping an eye on the neighborhood kids.

Kupata intends it to mean that.

Kupata often naps in between keeping an eye on the neighborhood kids.

Kupata is well-liked in his neighborhood and rose to fame after a video of him running over kids went viral.

Actually, Kupata is now a popular tourist destination.

People travel great distances to see him and get their picture taken with him. Even his very own dog house was provided for him by the Adjara Tourism Department.

Even a local building’s side has him painted. Kupata is the driving force behind a regional initiative in Batumi that provides stray dog adopters with a pitiful annual stipend.

The City anticipates that it will aid in resolving their stray dog issue. Kupata is therefore somewhat significant. He is well known.

On his Instagram page, he is even referred to as “Pride of Georgia.” On that page, you’ll see a lot of artwork that was influenced by Kupata.

However, Kupata is unconcerned with his fame on the internet or in his community.

He only cares that the children cross the street safely. And he receives a lot of love in return. Kupata receives gifts from all over the world. He is therefore well-liked not just in his hometown but also all over the world. Kupata, however, resists letting it affect him.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kupata’s tale.

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