Prior to the arrival of the kittens, he was having a difficult day and had no audience.
Busking is a job with many highs and lows, and it’s fiercely competitive.

Many people who possess extraordinary potential are frequently overlooked, especially when those who pass them on the street all have important commitments. No matter how brilliant a busker may be, many of us in this day and age are in a hurry and don’t feel that we have time to stop and listen to them.

It looked like nobody had time to observe a man busk on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, one day as he played the guitar and sang. Busking is sometimes the primary source of income for many people, and the man was concerned about going home with thus little money. However, four kittens were about to ruin the man’s day and attract a large crowd.

Sami Hussein uploaded a video to YouTube with the description “Adorable video shows busker performing to group of kitties in Malaysia,” and it has now received over 7.5 million views, as well as hundreds of likes and comments.

The clip shows the talented busker singing and playing his guitar whilst a small crowd watches eagerly. It’s four kittens, and they seem to be really enjoying the music!

The man had chosen to sing one last song for enjoyment despite feeling depressed about not earning much money that day. Ironically, his audience starts to show up as soon as he decides to unwind and stop worrying about the money! The three-month-old kittens are mesmerized by the movement of the man’s hand as it plays the guitar’s strings despite the fact that they have probably never heard the sound of a guitar before.

We can only imagine that a man singing to some cats would rapidly bring a throng in, despite the fact that the person filming them doesn’t video behind them!
Regardless, the busker is undoubtedly now savoring his newfound popularity after becoming an online sensation, and maybe more people are going to see him play.

The video’s creator later posted the following online to provide background information:

“On that night, my friend had just concluded his busking, but few people had heard him sing. He was upset as he sang the song for fun while sitting back and relaxing. The kittens appear out of nowhere and sit in front of him, as if they understand his situation and are trying to comfort him, he continued.

He thanked the cats for watching his show at the conclusion while they remained his audience.

This clearly demonstrates that animals are much more attuned to our emotions than some people may realize. Many people expressed their enthusiasm for the video in the comments, with one person writing:

The busker was having a horrible day since nobody was paying attention. This tiny miracle of inspiration means a lot to me.

Another person chimed up, “Who needs people? Cats make for far cuter and more entertaining viewers! Another simply stated, “Best audience ever,” while a third individual.

We have to agree! These kittens are certainly the audience we’d want if we were busking -though we doubt we’d get much work done. Watch the adorable video below.

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