‘Ex.tinct’ Leopard Spotted In Taiwan For The First Time Seen Since 1983!

This is incredible news…! I wish the leopard had stayed where it could not be seen!

The Formosan clouded leopard was a beautiful animal that was endemic to Taiwan…
Locals have recently been spotting this beautiful breed of leopard that was thought to have been [ex.tinct] since 1983. 🐆🧡

The Formosan clouded leopard, also known as Neofelis nebulosa brachyuran, which is a subspecies of the clouded leopard on the island of Taiwan. Since there had been no confirmed sightings of it in the wild since 1983, the species was declared [ex.tinct] in 2013.

However, Taiwanese scholars have been reluctant to remove it from the [end.ang.ered] species list because of rare but occasional sightings, like the recent ones by villagers who say they spotted the elusive leopard on two different occasions in 2018.

Rangers reported seeing more than one leopard hunting goats up on a cliff in Taitung County’s Daren Township. There was another group sighting reported, where a leopard was spotted near their scooters before it ran up a tree and disappeared.

Extensive logging ate away at its habitat, forcing it to retreat into the mountains.
This rare animal is considered sacred by the Paiwan tribe and is still listed as protected wildlife by Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau.

Now that these new sightings have been reported, the Taitung Forest District Office is hoping to confirm the sightings and start scientific research regarding them.
It’s not surprising that they haven’t been seen regularly due to their vigilance and natural elusive behavior.

It wouldn’t be the first time a seemingly [ex.tinct] species popped back up. Just recently the Fernandina giant tortoise, thought to be [ex.tinct] after a last official sighting in 1906, was spotted by rangers at the Galápagos National Park. Fingers crossed that the same is true for the Formosan clouded leopard.

Soon to be [ex.tinct] again now the world knows about it.

What a beauty… But It might be better to keep such things a secret so that trophy [hu.nters] don’t know about it.

Hope they protect the beautiful cat and it’s environment.

He is stunning,Hopfully he will hide another few years until we can have more of them!
And hope we will be able to see more of him/her and their family ❤️❤️🎂

Please…Let’s keep this beautiful creature safe. 🙏