Family’s Heartfelt moment with Orangutan at Zoo asking to see Newborn goes Viral!

Adorable moment. Imagine the intelligence of these beautiful creatures! 🥰

This is so sweetest thing ever seen, shows the emotions of wild animals!
The Hittle family shared a video earlier this month online from their trip to the zoo, showcasing a cute moment between an orangutan and the couple’s newborn baby.

The video shows Dakota Hittle holding his 3-month-old baby, Judah, near the glass enclosure of the zoo’s orangutan exhibit. An orangutan named Amber then points to him to bring the infant closer to the glass.

Dakota Hittle’s wife, Shalena Crowe Hittle, and Judah’s big brother watched as Judah was brought closer to the glass with Amber pointing and looking over him.

The family’s video has since been liked more than (500,000) times in total on different social media platforms.
According to the Louisville Zoo, this was not the first time Amber has interacted with guests as she often taps the glass to get their attention.

The orangutan wanted to see the baby’s feet.
This is cool. People can see orangutan was communicating . Now think if people would take time to see how a special needs non verbal child communicates… It’s just as amazing!

God bless the mom dad that let him see it! Amen 🙏🙏🙏