Forester feeds hungry female wolf. Two months later, three wolves express their gratitude.

A mama wolf approached a cabin of a forester as she was looking for food during the very cold winter. It was obvious that the wolf very exhausted as she did not think twice to approach the cabin as she had nothing to lose.

Styopa, the forester, was firstly afraid but when he saw that the mama wolf wanted some food, he directly gave her some meat to eat. He knew how difficult for any animal to have food during the winter in the forest. However, after knowing that the forester had opted to feed her, the mama wolf came back a few more times.

Anyway, some locals were concerned about that, but Styopa told them that feeding her is less dangerous than keeping her hungry. Unfortunately, the relationship between the forester and the animal came to an end when the weather started to be warmer, which made Styopa to be very sad after being able to make a great bond with the wolf.

Finally, the wolf showed up to visit Styopa one more time by the end of April but she was not all alone as she also grabed her cubs. It seemed that the wolf ate some meat and took some other to feed her cubs. How awesome!