Giant Octopus Stranded on Beach, Little Girl Saved it by a “Smart PLAN”

The giant Pacific octopus is a marvel of the marine world. It holds the title of being the largest among all octopus species.

With an impressive average span of 16 feet and a typical weight of around 100 pounds, this creature is not just about size.

It’s renowned for its intelligence, showcasing abilities to mimic other octopuses, solve mazes, and even demonstrate the dexterity to open jars. These octopuses prefer the temperate waters of the Pacific and usually maintain a distance from the shore.

Given their usual habitat preferences, it’s quite rare to hear about a Giant Pacific octopus getting stranded on a beach.

Yet, this unusual event unfolded on a Skagit County beach in Washington last March.

Beachgoers were taken aback to find this massive creature beached on the shore.

The sight of the distressed octopus spurred immediate action among the onlookers.

Many rushed to its aid, pouring water over it. Amidst this spontaneous rescue mission, a young heroine emerged.

A little girl, who was at the beach with her family, played a pivotal role in saving the giant octopus.

Annie England, associated with the Padilla Bay reserve, was alerted about the situation by a Bay View State Park ranger.

Expressing her concern, she mentioned to NBC News, “It can’t survive out of water for more than several minutes. It collapses their gills.”

The timely intervention of the little girl, who used her sand bucket to pour water on the octopus, was crucial in ensuring its survival.

This simple yet effective action of pouring water kept the octopus alive, buying time until professional rescuers could step in.

While many people joined the effort, Annie England emphasized the importance of caution.

“We would never encourage the public to try to move an octopus or touch it. But pouring water on it and calling a local aquarium or organization that you know works with marine animals,” she advised.

Arriving at the scene, England was pleasantly surprised.

She confessed, “I wasn’t anticipating finding such an alive, healthy octopus.”

Without wasting any time, she and her team got to work, meticulously planning the octopus’s relocation.

The rescue operation required precision.

England highlighted the need to be mindful of how they handled the octopus, especially when lifting it.

Their efforts culminated in successfully placing the octopus in a large bin.

The next phase was the release. The team approached the water and gently introduced the octopus back to its natural habitat.

The octopus, ever so cautious, took its time, feeling the water with its tentacles, probably ensuring its safety before leaving the confines of the bin.

Reflecting on the rarity of such incidents, England expressed her hope that no giant Pacific octopus would ever have to endure such an ordeal again.

This incident shows the compassion of beach-goers and the resilience of the octopus.

While it’s a rarity for these creatures to get stranded, this particular octopus was fortunate to have vigilant and caring individuals nearby.

The little girl’s swift action stands out, reminding us of the difference one person can make.

Washington girl helps save octopus that washed up on beach