He puts his hand on the head of a run over dog that stopped fighting and whispers in his ear

It is necessary to make people aware of what a stray dog ​​suffers. They have the same right as any other little animal to have a long and happy life.

Unfortunately, homeless pups face the scorn of certain people on a daily basis, who perceive in these vulnerable furry tiny animals a bizarre object full of disease and without hope.

The accident left some consequences on the dog but he continues to recover like a hero
People’s carelessness is such that they don’t mind running over them and leave them lying on the street without even a courtesy gesture.

This is regrettably what happened to the furry character in this narrative, who lay unprotected on the road after being ran over by a car that escaped without accepting responsibility for his acts.

The dog never stopped eating, which was a good sign for his rescuer.

The dog’s vulnerable body was completely destroyed, he suffered several fractures, and he would not stop screaming.

His hours were numbered as he was immersed in his sadness when an animal lover who works for a local rescue organisation came over to assist him.

The man softly touched him, giving the puppy the impression that he was come to help him. As if the puppy had said to him:

“This is too painful; I’m ready to leave.”

But the guy would not be vanquished so easily, and he murmured quietly in her ear with great delicacy and love:

“No way, not yet!

… Just a little longer, boy, just a bit longer.”

The puppy couldn’t stop trembling because of his injuries.

It took only one look at the puppy to see his condition was grave, so the guy carried him in his arms and drove him to the shelter where he works, where he received medical treatment and his rescuer heard the grim prognosis.

The puppy had shattered legs and a severe brain damage, necessitating immediate surgery. Fortunately, his rescuer was eager to save him and save him as much pain as possible.

They gave him many painkillers to ease the pain.

Fortunately, the intervention went smoothly; now the puppy had to recover and build strength gradually. His body was no longer twisted as a result of the procedure, and he was able to stand on his own.

Despite his ordeal, the youngster never stopped eating and developed a voracious appetite. He now enjoys eating from his favorite dish and receiving his rescuer’s full attention.

His front legs were the most affected.

Because of his injuries, the puppy need physiotherapy, and he has professional people in charge of doing the necessary exercises.

Because the accident damaged his hip, they decided to create him a wheelchair so that he could move freely, acquire confidence, and feel driven to take advantage of this new chance despite his constraints.

The wheelchair was an excellent tool for giving the puppy a better life.

His recuperation has been sluggish, but his caretakers believe he will soon be well enough to be adopted.

This puppy is unquestionably an example of motivation and tenacity. This tale had a happy ending thanks to the anonymous animal lover who opted to rescue a life and the local shelter.

However, we must continue to raise our voices in condemnation and to appeal to the hearts and consciences of all drivers.

When a car gets into the hands of callous persons, the worst combination is speeding, irresponsibility, and a lack of responsibility and sensitivity. Today it was a puppy, tomorrow it may be a child. And it cannot be that many people’s lives and safety are at the mercy of these reckless persons.

Let’s raise our voice against unfair treatment. All puppies deserve to be treated with respect and love!