“I know you loved me too”: tearfully says goodbye to his puppy after 12 years of faithful company

A young man has gained internet fame after his tearful farewell to his dog, who had been his constant friend, went viral. We can’t deny that the stories we read on social media occasionally make us cry and sometimes make us chuckle.

This is one of those tales that serves as a reminder of how painful it may be to say goodbye to a pet.

A young man bids a sorrowful farewell to his devoted dog that had been by his side for 12 years.

And for true animal lovers, they are rare beings who come to offer us devotion and unconditional love rather than just friendship.

people who frequently hold a higher status in our lives than some family members.

Gilberto cried as he expressed gratitude to his life partner for his presence.

Unfortunately, they are mortal, and it is time to say goodbye for a variety of reasons, including health or old age. We all want to run away from this sight, but we have to face the truth.

Gilberto Rodriguez recently had to bid his husky farewell after 12 years of cherished memories.

When the husky was a puppy, the young man adopted it.

In order to achieve this, the young man made an emotional film in which he showed pictures of himself with the puppy during his development.

In the midst of his agony and grief, Gilberto murmured a few parting words to his prized ball of hair, crying uncontrollably as he did so.

What an extravagant dream, Dad.

Beautiful, have you got a chance to unwind? She is heard saying with a sad smile and tears in her eyes. The dog, of course, responded by telling him how much she loved him and how much he meant to her while the young guy expressed his gratitude for all of their times together in the middle of his loss. In this regard, he said:

“Thank you, Papa, I appreciate it.” Ever since you moved here, I’ve been in love with you. I am aware that you also adored me.

Social media users were enthralled by this tragic event. Since its debut, it has had over 8 million views, over 1.5 million “likes,” and over 40,000 comments. People from all around the world gathered to express their condolences; many of them had a connection to his history and remembered their own dogs.

How lovely that you were with him until his final breath, without a doubt, a big pain. “I never want that day to come, it wounded my heart.” “You must have strength; I completely understand how you feel.” I’ve had mine since I was a puppy, and like you, I saw it fall asleep. To leave behind the most real love of your life is heartbreaking. “Puppies are a part of our family, and the unconditional love they provide us is priceless. I can only imagine the pain that young man must be facing.” I share his sorrow over losing his pet; because they give so much love, God has a beautiful place for them all.

Gilberto claims that he never expected the kind of support he would get in the wake of the flood of positive feedback and the enthusiastic response of Internet users to this moving story, and that it was actually his puppy’s idea that this would happen.

Since many people went and petted their puppies, it wasn’t my idea at all, but rather my shorty’s. They are valued more highly by many individuals. A lot of people remember his puppies. I apologize; I know that was his intention.

Our condolences for your loss. Because he had someone in his life who genuinely loved him, we think he has won a canine angel who joyfully crossed the rainbow.