Keai and Yimi, the Matching Dog and Cat Twins Overwhelm with Cuteness

Keai the Border Collie (which translates to cute) and Yimi, the formerly stray cat, could be the cutest thing you’ll see today.

⚠️Warning: The cuteness is overwhelming!

For some background, we look to a video from the Hong Kong-based 9GAG social media website. According to the unbelievably cute video, Keai first encountered Yimi while out on a daily walk. At the time, his twin kittie was a stray and not doing so great. After Yimi fell sick, Keai’s “hooman” took him in, bringing him for a vet check.

For a while, Yimi was very sick, but fortunately, the kitty recovered slowly. However, as a stray cat, he felt scared and spent a lot of time hiding in a crate. After almost three weeks, Yimi became adjusted and bold enough to explore.

Here, it’s important to note that Keai was very gentle and loving with the cat. Otherwise, things could have quickly gone awry! But it seems this dog has a deep affinity for his little cat clone. It’s funny that they point out, “Luckily, Yimi is not aggressive”… since cats are generally the ones at a disadvantage with dogs, especially while wearing a cone. It seems this pup is a real “cuddle bug” with Yimi.

On the other hand, these two love one another as if they are true twins. You can see an amazing friendship as they explore, play, and love each other. It’s too much!

Best of all, it looks like the Border Collie helped Yimi come out of his shell and become healthier and happier. It’s beyond cute and more proof that cats and dogs can sometimes be the best of buds.

🖤🤍 Wang Keai and Wang Yimi Go Viral 🤍🖤

According to Yahoo, Wang Keai and Wang Yimi reside in China, as evidenced by a video from the state-controlled media. Recently, videos of the pair minus all the captions from Viral Paws received hundreds of thousands of views. For example, the one below has over 748K views.

When watching Wang Keai and Wang Yimi, it’s clear these two are genuinely friends. If the story is true, then it all came about naturally, which is wonderful. In other cases, it seems people have picked their pets based on matching coat colors. It may not work out and depends on their unique purrsonalities.

As we all know, introducing cats and dogs can be tricky to approach very carefully. Likewise, two or more cats may not always work, although finding your kitty a friend can often be beautiful and beneficial.

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