Legendary singer Willie Nelson has a huge ‘luck ranch’, where he takes care for more than 70 rescued horses

We are going to tell about Willie Nelson is a legendary singer who is known all over the world

One of his passions is his 700acre ranch located in Texas, which he calls “Success”. He commented on it jokingly. “When you are here, you are in luck, and when you are not, you dont need luck.”

There are more than 70 horses on the ranch that are allowed to roam freely. He has been rescuing horses for years. He saved most of it just before going to the slaughterhouse.

Together with his daughter, the singer has been fighting for years to close the slaughterhouses in Texas. He loves horses so much that he has a song with a name”Ride Me Back Home”.

He mentions that his horses are the most successful, because they are fed by hand twice a day and are very well taken care of.

Willie admits that there are a lot of trips,and he always says he is going to retire after each show. “I say, ‘OK, I’ll not go anymore,’ but then we’ve spent some time, ‘people want us to play again,’ we’re going to play again.” This is how his life goes. He has been saying that he is retiring for 7 years, but he still continues to do his favorite job.

The famous singer says also the following ․ “We have to be a little bit smarter as we get older. From time to time I think I’ve become a little smarter, but I’m not sure “․ He was a very funny person.

It is so reassuring to see that someone so well-known and loved all over the world really cares about animals, spending most of their time improving their lives, especially those on the way to slaughter. We really need people like him who set a very good example for all of us.

Each of us must do our part to make our planet more beautiful. All that is required of us is simply to be kind and caring to this kind creatures, who are always so devoted to us. Our greatest respect and homage to this wonderful man. Glory and honor to you forever .

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