Loyal Dog Spends 10 Days In Front Of The Hospital Hoping Her Deceased Human Returns

There’s no greater loss than the loss of your favorite person in the world!

Even dogs, our magnificent, four-legged companions, have a really hard time filling the void after their owners’ departure.

One such story comes from Compton, California, where a one-year-old canine couldn’t stand the idea of her hooman not coming back from the emergency room where she last saw him.

She waited, stuck around for days, even lived through a hurricane – but no familiar face was coming out that door…

The Martin Luther King Hospital staff witnessed one of the greatest “human-dog bonds” ever when they took in a patient in critical condition.

A man who lived within view of the hospital was taken by ambulance, and his dog followed the whole way there!

She literally ran all the way to the hospital’s emergency room door, right where her owner was wheeled into the hospital. According to her reaction, it seems that this loyal girl had never left her owner’s side, as she desperately wanted to get in, too.

She was stopped at the door by security, but that didn’t stop this amazing girl from waiting for her owner outside the building. Sadly, her favorite hooman in the world passed away shortly after he was admitted, but she didn’t know!

She spent ten days outside the hospital waiting for him, despite the fact that she didn’t have anything to eat or a safe place to sleep.

Defeated and sad, the dog stared at the door every time a person would walk out, hoping to see a familiar face coming out – but that never happened.

The hospital staff watched her for days, but every time they tried to help her – she didn’t let them approach her… so they decided to call for some help!

A Glimmer Of Hope Around The Corner

Hospital workers called Suzette Hall, of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California, to try and save the poor pup. When she heard the dog’s story, Hall immediately rushed into action.

“This sweet baby girl was still there waiting even through the hurricane. She is heartbroken, you can see it in her eyes… so incredibly loyal,” Hall wrote on her Facebook.

Hall set a humane trap filled with delicious treats, and eventually, the dog got in.

Even though she was peaceful and calm throughout the rescue, Hall could perfectly see the sorrow in her eyes and feel the pain she was feeling over her lost owner.

Even inside the trap, she would still look in the direction of the emergency room, hoping to see him one last time.

Hall did everything in her power to comfort the mourning pup, after which she took her to Camino Pet Hospital for a checkup.

Ready To Be Loved Again

After the care she received by the hospital staff, the dog, later named “Hilary” (after the hurricane she survived) was sent to the most amazing foster home.

“Laura is loving her , and helping to heal her broken heart. She is in the best hands. The hospital staff had named her Hilary because she waited through the storm,” says Hall.

Her foster, Laura, did everything to make Hilary as comfortable as possible, and after some time – this pawdorable girl reciprocated!

Eventually, she started socializing with other people and dogs, slowly adapting to her new environment.

“She loves people and other dogs! She’s about 1 and is just over 12lbs. She is a smart girl and should be a lot of fun to train. She is still a bit nervous on walks, but every day is getting better and better,” says Laura.

When the time comes, we’re absolutely pawsitive that she will make some family really happy – and get the fresh new start she needs!