Man celebrating 102nd birthday says having a sense of humor keeps him young

ATLANTA (WANF/Gray News) – A Georgia man is celebrating another milestone birthday.

Roger Antonucci turned 102 years old this week.

Antonucci’s two daughters, Lisa Messina and Melanie Thompson, organized their dad’s 102nd birthday celebration on Wednesday at The Oaks at Towne Lake, an assisted living facility.

They said their proud Italian father was born and raised in Philadelphia before moving to Georgia about 20 years ago.

He lived a modest life as a tailor and was married for 65 years to his sweetheart, Anne.

“His mom lived to 101, so he’s outlived everybody in his family,” Thompson said.

Age is just a number for Antonucci.

“I feel like I’m about 79, 80 years old,” Antonucci said.

Antonucci’s advice for staying young is to have a sense of humor as he keeps his loved ones always smiling.

“And I like women. I like women,” he said.

Thompson added, “Roger likes sports and women, probably not in that order.”

And he’s ready to keep the birthday celebrations coming.

“I feel like I could go for another two, three more years,” Antonucci said.

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