Man Lives With The Wσrld’s Largest Wσlf And Treats Him Like A Puppy

We’ve all heard of big dogs and likely seen some real big ones, but very rarely does one ever see a wolf behaving just like a dog.

Such is the case with the Canadian wolf, Akela and his owner, Andrey, a pair of inseparable buds who act like this is part of the norm.

Personally, I’d be a bit intimidated by such a large animal, but it’s clear that Akela is just a big ol’ pupper at heart.

In the video Andrey posted on his Youtube channel, we can see just how endearing Akela’s behavior is.

First he poses for the camera with Andrey, then starts being a bit playful with him, nuzzling his face into Andrey and nipping at the hood of his hoodie.

He even goes as far as clambering on top of Andrey and resting atop him, all the while still trying to get at his hoodie and ears.

To most of us, that’d induce a heart attack, but Akela’s owner knows that he’s just being playful and that he wouldn’t intentionally hurt him.

He does eventually manage to get the hoodie down, so it was a triumph for him.

Akela continues being playful throughout the video, clearly just wanting to get back to playing and not being interested in making a video one bit, just wanting quality time with Andrey.

Part Of the Pack, Part Of The Crew

To some, the biting would be seen as scary as well as some of the borderline aggressive behavior that Akela may be exhibiting, but it only seems that way due to his size.

Most other dogs do similar, if not the exact same behavior when they’re play-fighting with their canine friends.

It’s also reminiscent of the way that wolves do it with other pack members, just a form of entertainment for them, and to Akela, Andrey is part of his pack.

He also knows that Andrey can handle it, given how easily he can manage his advances with just one hand.

A Wolf Well Kept

His positive and playful behavior is telling of the way Andrey lovingly takes care of him.

He even provided him with a massive cage to have enough room to move around in without feeling too cramped up.

On top of all that, we can see just how well kept his fur is, so he’s clearly living it up in luxury and has found his forever home.