Missing basset hound home safe after surviving week in cold winter weather

Gus the basset hound is back home after spending a week in frigid Canadian weather, thanks to a community effort.

After the 15-month-old pup escaped through the front gates of his home in Beaumont, Alberta, his owner feared the worst.

“My heart just basically sank, and I’m like, oh my god,'” Teresa Nispero told CTV News. “The immediate thought was, is he gonna get hit? Is he gonna get stolen? What about the bitter cold?”

After 12 hours, Nispero sought help through social media and neighbors started spreading the word and searching for Gus.

A week went by before a neighbor saw Gus in a rural area nearby, and Nispero hurried over.

Nispero had Gus checked out by a vet, who was amazed at how well he was doing after being out in the cold for that long. He had some lesions on his nose and is working to gain back the 16 pounds he lost.

Aside from being thankful to have Gus back home safe and sound, Nispero said she’s grateful for the neighbors who helped find him.

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