Mother Moose led her Twin Calves into a Family’s Backyard, spending Whole Day there

A mama moose and her 2 calves were noticed by a man from Anchorage, Alaska, in his backyard.

The man, Ryan Ryndstrom, decided document the scene after seeing that the cute animals spent the whole day there as the mama likes the grass so much.

The man said that the animals spent from around 9:00 to 19:00 in his backyard, and even they got their lunch by the help of the mama.

Luckily for us, Ryan was able to take photos of the entire animals’ trip and uploaded them online for us to see.

He said that the mama moose loves eating the orange blossom bush’s leaves, bleeding hearts, the astilbe, the leaves on the trees, the neighbour’s orange begonias, and his yellow begonias.

He also added that the moose family ran away from the backyard after seeing another cow and her calves came running through the backyard.

But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to catch them on a video. What a moment!