Mountain dog receives an award for more than 200 rescues in 11 years of service

The well-deserved award that this dog has received for her 200 rescues in 11 years

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Talking about how wonderful dogs are for humanity is a conversation that would take thousands of hours. Well, they are not only dedicated to making us happy, but also to making us live much calmer. As we know, many are trained to be anti-drug, anti-explosive, help dogs for blind people or with other situations. They are basically made for us. That is why they deserve all the thanks we can give them, a dignified life full of love, with much recognition. Because just your presence means a lot.

This is the story of Skye, a border collie who worked for 11 consecutive years as a mountain dog, doing around 200 searches. Now that she is retired, at 16 years of age, she has been honored for her dedication and her hard work, which saved many human lives. And it is that she received the Order of Merit from the PDSA, an award that only the animals most dedicated to her work in the United Kingdom receive.

It should be noted that this dog has become the 16th animal to receive this award. Since the charity’s establishment in 2014 she has recognized the contribution of pets to society. Along with her controller, John Leadbetter, she took it upon herself to search for missing persons throughout the vast mountains.

“Skye means the world to me, she is my best friend on the moors and we have been partners for life. Seeing her receive the PDSA Order of Merit is a truly moving experience and is a wonderful recognition of the time and hard work search dogs and their teams put into mountain safety,” John Leadbetter said proudly.

In order to thrive in this way, Sweet Skye began her care as a pup in the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team. She where she then she qualified her with the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dog Association in 2009.

Since then, she dedicated herself to doing all these jobs in the mountains, regardless of weather conditions or adversities, until she retired at the age of 14. She now lives with 16, in the house of John and his family, very quiet and very well cared for. It is certain that many people thank her for her work and so do we. There is no doubt that dogs are a wonder that we should treasure.

Share this story with her friends and family. For more people to give credit to this lovely little dog, as she is a hero.

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