People Are Shocked To Find Strange-Looking Animal Taped Inside Plastic Box

A group of people were out for a walk in the Philippines when they spotted a plastic box on the side of the road. The box had been cut and taped in different spots and even had some chicken wire covering parts of it. Concerned, the group got a little closer to take a look — and noticed a face peeking through the wire.

At first glance, the animal inside was unrecognizable. She was super skinny and missing a ton of fur. It was clear she needed help as quickly as possible, so the group freed her from the box and quickly determined that she was a dog, even though she barely looked like one.

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) came out to collect the dog, later named Daisy, and as soon as they saw her, they knew they had their work cut out for them. As long as Daisy didn’t give up, though, neither would they.

“When approached, Daisy was quiet [and] appeared terrified and confused,” Heidi M. Caguioa, program director at AKF, told The Dodo. “Possibly just feeling indifferent already about what [would] happen to her.”

Daisy’s rescuers rushed her to the vet and started her on treatment for her skin infections right away. They got to work making her comfortable and earning her trust. It wasn’t easy, but little by little, Daisy began to transform before their eyes

Now, Daisy is completely healed — and looks and acts absolutely nothing like she did the day she was found.

“She loves to be cuddled and be with humans,” Caguioa said. “She is still fearful at first but warms up to people in just a snap.

Daisy was recently adopted by a family who had been searching for a dog just like her and has settled in beautifully to her new home. She’s come such a long way from the mystery animal in the box, and she’s never looking back.