Police Officer Adopts A Teeny-Tiny Puppy After Rescuing Him From The Street

They decided to name the little puppy Hobart, after Hobart Blvd. where he was found.

He was far too young and vulnerable to stay on the streets all by himself, so the officers decided to take him with them back to the police station.

The puppy seemed to be in love with officer Mercado and couldn’t stop following him around. It was adorable to see.

The LAPD Hollywood Division posted an adorable video of little Hobart and officer Mercado on their social media, with the caption, “Hobart won’t leave Officer Mercado’s side!! 🥺 #HollywoodHobart”.

In the car ride back to the station, the little puppy happily settled in officer Tavera’s lap and stared with love and adoration at his rescuers.

Little Hobart was so grateful to be saved.

Hobart was conferred at the police station with the honorary rank of K-9. Everyone was simply immediately in love with this little nugget.

But, they knew that the police station was not the right home for this sensitive pup. He needed a proper home and care.

So, they decided to contact a local rescue group called Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF), which welcomed little Hobart.

He received proper veterinary care and vaccinations, and was supposed to be put up for adoption.

However, the video of little Hobart lovingly following officer Mercado had gone viral in the meantime, and everyone was suggesting that it should be Mercado to adopt the little guy.

What no one knew at the time was that as soon as officer Alejandro Mercado sent his wife, Quincy Hutchison, the picture of Hobart, she immediately fell in love and requested to adopt the pup.

So, a couple of days later, the LAPD Hollywood Division posted a much-awaited Hobart update.

The update said, “A lot of you have been asking what Hobart is up to these days… you will be happy to know Officer Mercado has adopted him, and he is now living the good life with Mercado and his family!”

Everyone was delighted with the outcome of this rescue situation. One person commented, “These two are definitely meant to be together! Congrats on your new home, Hobart!”

A couple of months later, Ghetto Rescue FFoundation posted an update on Hobart that said, “He has settled in beautifully and is a total joy to our entire family.”

The house is full of rescue dogs, along with a police K-9 dog, so little Hobart was definitely at the right place.

Little Hobart definitely grew into his ears, and he is looking as adorable as ever.

“Update on Hobart (GRFF name Fidzgit), he’s the most loving and lively puppy. He loves all of his puppy cousins, and will chew on his toys for hours. He’s still learning potty training, and loves the outdoors/play time in the grass!”

I have no doubt that Hobart is having the time of his life with Mercado and his family. It really was meant to be.

GRFF posted, “Looks like he hit the jackpot that day when he was “arrested” for loitering and being too cute,” and we couldn’t agree more.

You can follow the adventures of little Hobart at the Mercado household on his official Instagram profile, @lapd_hobart.