Pregnant Mom Dog, Exhausted Lying On The Road Waiting For Help

About five days bach we had recieved call by a guy whi notived one pregnant dog laying on road,and was not able to get up.

team guardians made rush and arrived the location within couple of minutes . poor girl was helpless, breathing heavily and in extreme pain .

she had high fever, which increased the risk factor for herself as well as for her babies. We had consulted vet and began her treatment. Along with IV fluids, the required medication was given to her . I m beginning we were so concerned about her legs which were not working but luckily she started responding in two days .

Our second concern was about her babies health, she delivered 7 puppies but only five are alive . if she had no help so many lifes could have died. We have placed her in safe place where we are taking care of her. She has started getting walking .Such a relief she has survived.

and taking good amount of food. only 6 days since rescued, thankfully, she doesn’t need medical treatment anymore, and here food requirements will be taken care by the locals.

a great thanks to them and of course you people who allos us help these animals in need.