Previous Owner Tried To Kill Her 3 Times, Now She is Snoring Safely Through Her Sleep

This story speaks about Molly, a poor dog, who has been neglected by her owner for so long. However, Molly also survived her owners’ 3 different attempts to kill her!

Thankfully, she was able to escape her neglected life with just a skin condition. But unfortunately, her hair started to fall down as she was left untreated.

However, she was rescued by Sidewalk Specials, which put an end to her bad days. She was even able to have a safe sleep fo the first time in her life.

Nowadays, Molly looks so sweet after she was treated for her skin condition and got all of her fur back! To make things even better, she was also adopted by a great woman, who loved her from the first sight. She now has doggy siblings to play with and a nice warm bed to sleep in. What a happy ending!