Puppy brings a buddy to a restaurant where he gets given free meals.

The dogs came to the premises to have a taste of the meal.

“Remember, if you can’t adopt, give them a little food,” is the slogan of the employees of this restaurant, which is famed for selling delights but also has a genuine interest in stray dogs.

All of this happened naturally, as the dogs approached the premises’ entrance, led by their sense of smell, hoping for any nice human to offer them a piece of food. In Ecuador, this shown capacity to live is fairly prevalent.

Dogs are incredibly clever and end up acquiring abilities that help them go ahead. Many of them are forced to deal with the awful position of living on the street, in bad living conditions, and on an empty stomach.

One of these canines, Blacky, is frequently fed at the aforementioned eatery. However, because dogs generally always seek the company of other dogs, this one would appear with a buddy in need.

“Someone decided to bring his friend to eat, and that is what it is about, that our furry friends from the street come to eat,” staff of the famed eatery said on social media. “Remember, if you can’t adopt, feed them,” they said in the newspaper.