Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop Hugging the Volunteers Who Saved Her Life!

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It’s amazing how a wild animal like this can show emotion…

At least this kangaroo like other saved animals knows how to be grateful. She just shows her appreciation to the people that saved her life!
Such a beautiful wise old soul and this reduced me down to tears of happiness and love. ❤

When she was just a few months old, the [po.or] little kangaroo [lo.St] her mom. It’s when she was brought at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia. Here she was welcomed with the open arms and a lot of love by the volunteers.

And, the little one responded with the same coin and now, ten years later, hugging those who rescued her and took care of her became part of her daily routine.
Due to her friendly, lovely attitude, Abigail earned the tittle of the sanctuary’s ‘Queen’. And now, all the staff at the centre start their day with a warm hug from Abi.

So glad her life was saved 💘 She is so affectionate and sweet. 😘😘

So beautiful and moving. It’s always the animals that truly remember who or the persons that has saved its life. These creatures never forget the human compassion and kindness that gave them the opportunity to be alive. 💜💕

They look so gentle for such large animals. ❤️😊

The eyes tell it all!!! Animals know when someone saves their life and they will love that person forever. 💕

This is what God wants for humans and animals to live in harmony with each other!

Watch the video below: