S.tra.y Dog Collapses And Starts Crying When She Realizes That Humans Have Come To Help Her

Tania Cappelluti was traveling in Costa Rica in search of a stray dog when she unexpectedly came across another one who desperately needed help.

“It was a boiling hot Sunday…Seriously…it was unbearable…we drove and drove and couldn’t find the dog,” Tania wrote on her rescue’s Facebook page.

“All of a sudden we saw this little black girl sitting on the side of the dusty road in the middle of nowhere!”

When I jumped out of the car to check on her she immediately fell on the ground and started crying,” Tania said.

“She was covered in fleas and ticks and was extremely dehydrated. But the sweetest soul…We gave her water and a bit of food. She could hardly hold herself up.”

Tania is a yoga instructor and runs her own dog rescue, Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. She posted pictures of the dog she named Gaia on Facebook.

As soon as she rescued Gaia she networked with other animal rescuers in the country and soon found Gaia a foster home.