Senior Dog Has Been Surrendered After 10 Years By Owners, Finds New Family

A new family stepped in to give Netty a home to spend the rest of her days … Please don’t scroll without giving him some love!

Adopting a dog means making a lifelong commitment to that canine. That includes the greatest care possible when they age and experience health problems.

Tragically, not all owners can handle the commitment required of them, and some end up giving up their older pets to shelters. That’s what happened with a 15-year-old dog that was returned to the shelter not too long ago.

Lucky for the elderly lady, she found a loving home and got the second opportunity she deserved.

A dog named Netty was adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA ten years ago, and on August 7 the SPCA updated its followers on her sad status. The elderly dog Netty, who is now 15 years old, was just given up for adoption due to the fact that her previous owners had claimed she was incontinent.

The SPCA assured the owners that Netty was “doing great” after they medicated her for a urinary tract infection, the apparent cause of their incontinence, as reported by Newsweek.

Regrettably, she was given up to the shelter and now has to start all over again at an advanced age. The SPCA noted, “This elderly lady is presumably spending her last days in a shelter.”

Despite this devastating setback, the shelter is committed to finding Netty a new home “where she may spend whatever time she has left.”

Public relations director Gillian Kocher of the Pennsylvania SPCA told Newsweek that Netty’s surrender was “heartbreaking” and that the dog was “pretty unhappy,” but that they were still hopeful.

We decided to stop wondering what had brought her back to us and instead concentrate on making her last days as comfortable as possible.

Adopters generally prefer younger dogs and are unwilling to take on the obligations and potential heartbreaks associated with taking in an older dog, making it challenging for senior dogs to find new homes.

However, Netty quickly adopted a wonderful new family. Amy Kidd, owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester and a small animal veterinarian, was affected by Netty’s story and decided to take her in.

Amy told Newsweek that she was well-versed in caring for elderly animals because she and her family had recently lost their own rescue dog, a 12-year-old, to cancer.

In order to provide Netty a comfortable place to spend her final years, her new family travelled to Philadelphia to bring her back.

Amy told Newsweek, “Our ultimate goal is to adore and spoil her every day that she has left.” We realize our time with her is limited, but from now on, she will be treated like the queen that she is.

Netty seems to be enjoying her new surroundings. She also has several more dogs and cats, as well as a gigantic teddy bear, of her very own. “She dozed off right away on the couch with my daughter and our six house cats.”

The Pennsylvania SPCA was overjoyed to learn that Netty was finally going to a forever home.

They stated on Facebook, “We can’t thank everyone enough for spreading the word to help make this happen, and especially to Netty’s family for providing her the finest final days.”

It breaks our hearts that Netty’s former owners had to give her up, but we’re so grateful that this wonderful family took her in and provided her a new, loving home to live the rest of her life in.

This is such a wonderful tale, and I hope you’ll tell everyone you know about it.