Severely Injured Dog Drags Herself Over To Jogger Who Finds Her

“She has endured a lifetime of pain and horror yet she wants to love and give and connect.” See how this little “lambchop” defied the odds and read the heartwarming update!

Lilac the dog was trying to survive with a fractured jaw and a damaged leg when a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia noticed her cowering beneath a car. Other canines and unknown individuals had severely attacked the dog. However, when well-wishers approached, she crawled out to meet them. It’s almost as if “she knew she was being saved.”

Second Chance, Rescue NYC Dogs, situated in New York, transported her to the clinic, where she received rapid emergency care. A further veterinary examination revealed that in addition to serious leg injuries and a broken jaw, Lilac also caused stomach injuries due to bullets trapped in the body!

Despite her injuries, Lilac’s tail would wag anytime someone paid her attention.

Lilac amazingly survived after a “touch-and-go” few days.

Vets were unable to preserve her leg, but they performed miracles in order to heal the rest of her. Lilac may only have three legs now, but she is on the mend.

Lilac is now prospering as a result of all the love and attention she is receiving!

“She had to fight for a long time to get to where she is now. “She may have lost her leg, but she got a universe-sized family,” her rescuers added. “She is being showered with love from those in the hospital and around the world! We are deeply moved by the outpouring of love and support for Lilac